The Romanian pro-Russian bloggers, threatened with death

In the evening of February 3, these year, just from curiosity, I opened the article entitled The Americans Put Their Tanks in Romania ( First, I imagine that is another alarmist article, tipical for the Romanian tabloid TVs, like “It’s war!”,“Havoc! What’s next?!”, “The World in Flames, war at the Romanian Border”, a.s.o.VP
After announcing that in Romania, will be brought in the first stage, 220 tanks and 3000 American soldiers, the author is doing (he believes) a short analyse of the American-Russian relations with the roots in Boris Eltin era. The author wrong even the name of the former Russian president, “Boris Elsin”… This is usual for our analysts. He is putting the question: What is changed between Boris Elsin and Putin? Well…,Ukraine!”.
This question/answer text type show us the ignorance, information vacuum, documentary lucking and incoherence. Is an article in which the author want to hit, with any price, in Vladimir Putin, because is paid for that, or he think that is really trendy, especially that in the Romanian printed press with titles like Evenimentul Zilei, are published in excess articles profoundly anti-Putin and really depreciative, generally, about the today Russia.
In the effort to show his approval to Uncle Sam, the author (I don’t give his name, I don’t make promo-publicity on my blog for such persons) said:
“What is expecting for the Romanian Bolsheviks – does not matter if they are politicians, securists (former Romanian communist secret service member – my note), to-Saints Orthodox practitioners, lefty journalists, pro- Russian bloggers, or professional columnists, Facebook comment-experts paid by PSD (the Romanian Social Democrat Party, today in power – my note)?
In my opinion, extermination.
No, no, no! Not the moral one! The traditional, physical extermination! The bullet in the nape. The majority have no where to run, not even in Russia!
In case that you forgot about the Cold War, you are living in the democratic wealth and your head is full of human rights, take a look to the no more than 150 km from Romania (!! – my note) where the pro-Russian troops and the pro-NATO soldiers are torturing and butchering each other. Any idea of human rights disappeared!
And after this look, tell me if you believe that this guys, lefty pro-Russians, will be treated with courtesy in the future. I don’t.”
Let’s take it step by step. Look who’s talking about the human rights, a man who wants not moral extermination, but the “physical, traditional” one, “the bullet in nape”. The threats, concretely, are extremely serious. Of course, nobody make an alarm, a cry, and this kind of guys with self-vigilant syndrome like God, are writing on blogs all what their poor brain is madly dictating.
I announce him that I’m not interested in his threat with extermination and I will continue to inform and to write with equidistance and objectivity and to express my sympathy for the Russian president Vladimir Putin.
And, if for this attitude I’ll receive a bullet, I will die with the conviction that Romania is a state where the citizen’s security is just a myth and no more.


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